Gymboree is Not Just a Clothing Store

As a first time mom I wanted to find a place that I could help my son with his development and also engage with adults. At 3 months old my son and I did a preview Gymboree class. The teacher Ms. Lucie was phenomenal. She worked with each child, we sang, dance, and worked on building his strength. The very first class he was placed on a huge ball and rocked back and forth. He would lift his head and himself up. Each class was different sometimes they would focus on socialization, vestibular stimulation, spatial awareness, visual and auditory development and learn about cause and effect.

We did an unlimited package so we went to the music class and the play classes. In the music classes we sang with the babies, played with shakers, drums, and bells. Yes, mama you are getting up to shake your groove thing. There’s no wall flowers at gymboree.

In the beginning months we did a lot of tracking by following gymbo and did tummy time. We explored the senses, such as fanning your child with colorful scarves. They would make tummy time fun by putting a mirror on the floor and then putting colorful balls on top. All the babies would be around the mirror and watch the balls as they would spin.They would try to grab them as well. Everything they did was important in their development.

We started at level 1 and moved up levels as he got older. My son loved Gymboree. He would crawl to Ms. Lucie and forget all about me. I loved seeing this because even though he loves me he was comfortable being with other people. He would play with the other babies and I met great moms and dads. I would see him hit milestones. I remember how happy I was when he finally tracked gymbo as he fell to the ground. At Gymboree he learned how to crawl, how to climb up steps and put things away. His favorite song to sing is away, away. Whenever, he puts anything in his toy box he says away, away. Gymboree was a huge part of our lives. He gets excited when we sing the different Gymboree songs. I must say they are pretty catchy. He loved the parachute and the bubbles at the end of the class. Ms. Lucie would walk around and blow the bubbles and then she would go to each child and try to have them pop a bigger bubble.

We were at Gymboree for 10 months before we moved away and had to say goodbye to all our friends who became like a family. These people knew my son, since he was a little peanut. My husband loved gymboree as well. He was the main person taking our son to gymboree during the week. We all enjoyed going and seeing our son learn and have the best time. It was a caring and nurturing place. When we moved I did do a trial class at another Gymboree but I had such high expectations that it just wasn’t the same for us. There is no replacing our Ms. Lucie. However, I wonder if I would have started at the new place if it would be the same. He would have grown with the babies there and got to know the teacher.

For any new moms looking for fun and engaging activities for their baby I would strongly suggest doing a free preview class early. There were babies that started younger than 3 months. It’s great for your child’s development and socialization. It’s also great for mommy to get out as well.


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