Is Your Child Sleeping Through The Night?

The first question you get asked anytime you talk to anyone during those first couple of months will most likely be, “is he sleeping through the night?” Boy! I hated that question because NO, he wasn’t sleeping through the night. Yes, I was tired and working a full time job. I bought everything and anything that said that it would help babies sleep longer. If you would have told me that the shirt you were wearing could put my son to sleep I would have bought it right off your back.

The first thing we tried was the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. We had gone to my nephews play and the ticket collector asked me that dreaded question, “is he sleeping through the night?” She then suggested the Merlin magic Sleepsuit and said it worked for her daughter. I probably purchased one right there in the theatre. The Merlin sleepsuit is a thick jersey cotton with a polyfill. There are two types and the only difference is the outer layer. One has a micro fleece layer and the other is a jersey cotton. We used the Sleepsuit until we had to transition him out. Did he sleep through the night? No he didn’t but I do believe he slept better. The thick suit prevents your baby from waking themselves up from those startle movements. They say it’s safe if the room is at the recommended temperature. However, when my son was sick or it was too hot I turned to a different product.

The Love to Dream swaddle was another swaddle that we used. This swaddle allowed for the arms to be up as opposed to being placed at their sides. Some babies just don’t like having their arms down. It also allows the baby to self soothe because their hands are by their mouth. I knew my son was self soothing because you could see it was wet at the hands part. I had the Love To Dream Swaddle lite, so it was a lighter fabric great for those summer days. There’s no lose fabric and it has a two way zipper, which allows for easier diaper changes. We also had the 50/50 swaddle from this company. The arms part could be zipped off. This is to make it easier to transition to sleep sack were your babies arms are free. I liked this swaddle because it allowed my son freedom to self soothe and reduce the startle reflex.

One of the oddest purchases I made in desperation was the Lulla Doll Companion. I was skeptical at first of a Doll helping but I bought it anyway. The Lulla Doll is a soft to the touch. It has a little box inside that lines up with the heart on the Doll. When you press the heart it makes a heart beat and breathing sound. To me it sounded creepy but it wasn’t too loud. I also had the doll with me for awhile to try and give it my scent as well. The doll also has a Velcro strap so that you can attach it to the outside of the crib.

I gave it to my son and he snuggled with it. This is not an item that you give to your kid and they magically sleep. If that item existed I would have bought it already. It could take a week for you to see any difference. I think this doll is a hit or miss and probably depends on the child. It’s pricey for a doll and the battery life isn’t good. After awhile it just became a doll for us. I never replaced the batteries and we had the other things to help with sleep.

My favourite item we purchase is the LectroFan white noise and sound machine. It has 10 white noise sounds and 10 fan sounds, you can control the volume, and it has a built-in timer with 60, 120, and 180-minute settings. I don’t use the timer I keep it on all night. I love this sound machine. My son wakes up as soon as I turn it off. I even sleep better with it on. My husband hates it because he likes it to be quiet. I like that when it’s on I don’t have to worry about my son waking up to the dog barking or other random noises in the house. I’m a city girl and I sleep better with noise. I think my son is the same way. His first home for those 9 months was loud, so this machine is perfect. I bring it with me when me travel. It’s small enough to just throw in your bag. It also has a USB adapter.

My son sleeps in a sleep sack at night now. I mainly use it to keep him warm instead of using blankets. Even though he’s 15 months I still have a fear of giving him a blanket at night. If he wakes up and moves to the other side and then goes back to sleep I know that he is still covered and safe.

As you can see we tried everything. My son does sleep through the night now. He might get up randomly at times. I’ve learned to just accept it. He’s only going to be small for so long. If he wants to snuggle with me I’ll take all the snuggles I can get. I think there’s a lot of pressure to have your child sleeping through the night. I even felt like I got looks from the pediatrician when I said he wasn’t sleeping through the night at his 9 month appointment. It took a long time but he slept through the night when he was ready . These products helped with his naps but I don’t think there’s just one magical item at least for us. If I have a second child I would still use these swaddles and the sound machine. But please don’t ask me if my child is sleeping through the night. How about you hold him instead so I can use the bathroom!

Products mentioned in this post:

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

Love to Dream Swaddle

Lulla Doll


Baby DeeDee


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