If I could Redo My Baby Registry

When you’re having your first child creating your baby registry can be extremely overwhelming. I must have went back to babiesrus 3 times looking at strollers and testing them out. I was adjusting my registry up until a couple of days before my babyshower. Whenever I got feedback from other moms I would go back and change the product. There are some items that I would remain loyal to and then there are newer products that came out afterwards that I think would have been cool to have.

The first item that I wished I would have done more research on is the crib mattress. You do all this research for the crib but when it comes down to the mattress you don’t really give it much thought. I knew I wanted a crib that was convertible and would grow with him. We didn’t have much room, so I wanted a changing table attached to it. I went with a Sorelle Tuscany crib. I must say I love my crib selection to this day. However, the mattress I selected was a safety 1st grow with me two in one mattress. One side is infant and the other side is toddler. I thought this is great it can grow with him as well. Later on I learned more about different mattresses. I learned about how important it was to find a mattress that was breathable and not filled with garbage. The rolls-royce of crib mattresses would be the Newton Baby. The Newton Baby is completely breathable. In the current mattress we have when he started to roll over I was so worried about his face in the mattress. My husband and I would always go in and check on him. We put his owlet on him because we would get so nervous. With a Newton Baby I wouldn’t have had to worry about that. It’s also easy to clean. It doesn’t have foam or anything added to it that could cause allergens.

When I was doing my baby registry I was thinking more early stages and didn’t think about the later stages. I didn’t even have a high chair on my registry. I know what you’re thinking then what did I even have on the registry. Luckily, my colleague didn’t listen to my registry and she went and bought me the graco high chair. We attached the seat to our chair and it was great. Then my son started eating himself and making a mess. The high chair has a fabric cover that I remove and wash. However, it gets really gross and crumbs get under it. It’s just not the easiest high chair to clean. Had I done research I would have put the 4moms High Chair. It is nice that you can just wipe it clean and the magnetic table is a cool feature.

I had selected a playpen that had all the bells and whistles. It had a changing table, bassinet and played music. When I look back I didn’t need all that. I went to my sister in laws and used her playpen to put my son to sleep. She had a guava lotus travel playard. It has a side zipper, which was amazing because I could nurse him and be in the playard with him. Then I could detach, zip up the side and sneak away. When I try to put him down from the top he would cry.

Another item I didn’t really give much thought into was his towel. I received a towel for my sons 1st birthday that I wish I would have known about sooner. It’s Pehrs bath towel and it’s incredible. I definitely would have put those towels on my registry. Most of the towels in BabiesRUs don’t compare to these towels. The inside is a terry cotton which is great for absorbing all the water. The outside is a brushed cotton and it is soft to the touch. Why did I fall in love with this towel? Well I was sick and tired of those baby towels that are so thin and are soaked when you wrap your baby in it. So when I wrapped my son in this one it was heavenly. Yes, I am super excited about a towel. It absorbs the water, amazing quality, it’s super soft and it has a cute design with bright colours. I need to go out and buy more because I am not going back to those paper thin towels.

I was using the baby bullet in fact I was given 4 at my baby shower lol It worked well. I had no issues with it. Until I learned that when I boil the food and move it to the baby bullet it loses nutrients. I later learned the baby brezza will steam and then blend all in the same system, so you don’t lose nutrients. I didn’t even know about this when I was doing my registry.

One item you always hear mom’s saying they didn’t need is a diaper genie. Mainly because you have to keep buying the special bags that go with it. So I had bought the safety first diaper pail. I could use my regular garbage bags and there’s a place for the odor remover. I have no complaints with my diaper pail. It’s plain and not the cutest thing but it gets the job done.

I have my fair share of strollers and I would still select a different one if I had the chance. I would go with the baby jogger city select Lux. It can be a single or double stroller. It folds easily and is compact. I love that it grows with your family. If you haven’t noticed by now I like items that you can get your money’s worth and use from newborn to birth or multiple babies.

Car seats are also something that is always difficult to decide on. For an infant car seat I would have selected the peg perego primo viaggio. The weight is 4-35lbs and up to 32″ tall. With my current infant seat it was up to 30lbs or 30″, whichever he hit first. Then I switched to the convertible. I think it’s important to have both. The infant car seat is great because it’s convenient to just click it onto a stroller. Then the convertible has to stay in the car, so I had both on my registry. The convertible I would have selected is the Diono. It’s one of the slimmest convertible car seats so you can actually fit 3 of them in the back seat.

Below is what my registry would look like if I could go back in time and even still I know I’m missing stuff. I included some links. Doing this registry definitely brought me back and it’s still not easy. You learn as you go along and find what works for your family.

My ultimate baby registry


Sorelle Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer Combo (The crib I currently have)

Newton Baby Mattress

Levtex Baby Night Owl 5 piece crib bedding (What I currently have and it comes with adorable wall decals)

fitted crib sheets

receiving blankets. I used these to super swaddle.

Merlin Magic sleepsuit

Love to Dream Swaddle

Baby Deedee sleepsacks

Dyson humidifier

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Tiny Love Classic Development Mobile Toys

LectroFan sound machine

Safety first diaper pail

On the go

Peg perego Primo Viaggio car seat

Extra base if you have two cars

Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat

Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Ergobaby carrier

Car seat toys

skip hop Chelsea downtown chic and a tote diaper bag. I use my bigger tote diaper bag as my swim/pool bag and the backpack diaper bag as our everyday bag.

stroller accessories

stroller toys


Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing & Rocker Twinkle Twinkle Teddy Bear infant swing (my son loved this swing and bouncer)

Guava family lotus play yard

Skip hop explore playmat

infant toys (5)

Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center (This came out after my son was born)


early development toys

interactive toys


You will get clothes because everyone loves the cute little outfits but you could always use onesies and pajamas.


Pajamas(a lot of pajamas in different sizes)

caps, mittens & booties

roots socks

Winter suit

Sun hat


Spectra S1 breast pump ( I would have picked this pump through my insurance)

lansinoh nursing pads (100 count)


lansinoh breast milk storage bags

Mother love nipple cream

nursing cover

nursing pillow

Munchkin bottles 4oz, 8 oz bottles

Slow flow nipples

Tommee Tippee bibs

burping cloths (I used the gerber pre fold cloth diapers as burp cloths)

Tommee tippee pacifiers (6-8)

pacifier holders (2 or more) Didn’t have this on my original list but needed it afterwards

munch mitt teething mitten

4Moms High Chair

Kiinde breastmilk and bottle warmer

Baby Brezza one step baby food maker complete

Oxo tot freezer blocks

Ezpz mats

Playtex straw sippy cup

Numnum gootensil

boon grass drying rack

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station

caring for baby

Pampers diapers, newborn to size 5

Huggies baby wipes

Dr. Smith diaper cream & ointment

Skip Hop bath tub

Pehr baby bath towels

Koala wash cloths (10-12)

BabyGanics shampoo & body wash


The brushies

grooming kit (brush, nail clippers)



baby gates

babyganics hand sanitizer

caaocho bath toys

skiphop bath organizer

Contours Bravo 3-in-1 Potty


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