10 car seat safety tips

It was child passenger safety week and I wanted to share some car seat safety tips. Always refer to the car seat manual for proper instillation.

1. Bringing the car seat to a firehouse or police station to be checked is a myth. They are not certified in the matter.

You can search for a certified technician at Safekids.

2. The safest place is the back seat for children under 12. It is best to have children rear facing for as long as possible. The recommendation is now they should be rear facing until they are at least 2 years old. Make sure that you always follow the seat height and weight limits. There should be 1 inch above the head in a rear facing car seat. When my son outgrew his infant car seat I switched to our rear facing convertible car seat. My son was 15 months old when he outgrew the infant seat but he is not old enough to face forward

3. Chest clip should be at the chest not the stomach. This is the number one mistake parents make. The chest clip should be at armpit level. Take the extra time to make sure your child is in properly. Most accident occur when you are close to home.

4. Make sure the seat belt is locked. For newer cars you pull the seat belt all the way out and when it slowly starts to retract it makes a clicking sound. Listen for the sound.

5. Rear-facing seat harness should be in slots that are at or below your baby’s shoulders. When you switch to forward facing the strap should be at or above the shoulders.

6. Do not add toys to the car seat handles. These can become projectile during an accident.

7. During the winter months use a bundle that goes over the car seat. Don’t use one that is for a stroller because those have to go through the straps. You don’t want to alter the car seat. It can then make it not as snug. I had the Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover. I loved it. I could unzip it put my son in his car seat and then zip him up. It goes over the infant car seat and nothing interferes with the straps or the installation of the car seat. This particular bundle is a universal fit. It has an elastic which is great because it stays in place. It’s extremely warm and cozy. You can roll it up and clip it, so that it isn’t in the way. Skiphop makes the best products. I absolutely love all their stuff.

Below is the cover that goes on a stroller. Even though it looks cozy it is actually creating a separation between your child and the car seat. Your child won’t be as snug.

8. For convertible car seats during winter months big puffy coats can make the straps loose. OneKid road coat is the safest coat for the car seat. You don’t have to take it off before putting the child in the car.

After I saw a road crash test video of a dummy doll flying out of the car seat because it was wearing a winter coat I was worried about the upcoming winter. When my son was an infant I could just use the bundleme over the car seat. Now that he’s in a convertible car seat I knew I needed something. I saw The Road Coat and I had to purchase it.The Road Coat has two zippers so you can zip up your child and put the car seat straps over and then zip the second layer up. So the car seat straps fit nice and snug. Puffy coats leave a lot of extra space in between your child and the car seat. So when you think they are safe in their car seat and buckled up they actually aren’t. They have coats for the fall and winter. I like that I can put my child in his coat and walk to the car and not have to remove the coat before he is put into the car seat. It is 80% down and 20% feather. They are pricey but they always have promotions and sales. I bought mine in a larger size when it was on sale for the upcoming winter. It also fits into a small pouch.

9. Make sure you tighten the straps. You shouldn’t be able to pinch the belt. You shouldn’t be able to fit more than one finger between the harness and your child’s collarbone.

10. When a convertible car seat is forward facing don’t forget to attach the top tether to the anchor. This prevents the top part of the car seat from moving forward during an accident, which protect your child’s head.


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