10 car seat safety tips

It was child passenger safety week and I wanted to share some car seat safety tips. Always refer to the car seat manual for proper instillation. 1. Bringing the car seat to a firehouse or police station to be checked is a myth. They are not certified in the matter. You can search for a […]
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If I could Redo My Baby Registry

My ultimate baby registry

Is Your Child Sleeping Through The Night?

The first question you get asked anytime you talk to anyone during those first couple of months will most likely be, “is he sleeping through the night?” Boy! I hated that question because NO, he wasn’t sleeping through the night. Yes, I was tired and working a full time job. I bought everything and anything […]
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Gymboree is Not Just a Clothing Store

As a first time mom I wanted to find a place that I could help my son with his development and also engage with adults. At 3 months old my son and I did a preview Gymboree class. The teacher Ms. Lucie was phenomenal. She worked with each child, we sang, dance, and worked on […]
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Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy

Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy

The One Item I Had No Idea I Needed After My C-Section

The one item I had no idea I needed after my c-section

My essentials for combating flu season

My essentials for combating flu season